You can take action

Throughout 2017, the Business & Sustainable Development Commission will work with companies to strengthen corporate alignment with the Global Goals. Join us. 

Photo credit: UN Foundation

The Commission believes that changing mindsets is the first critical step toward achieving a transformation of our current economic system. Everyone can contribute to expanding awareness about the Global Goals, the business opportunities they present, and what companies can do over the next decade to achieve them. A few actions you can take today:

The Commission's own plans to take the report recommendations forward include, but are not limited to:

  1. Nurture and mentor the next generation of sustainable development leaders. Members of the Business Commission believe training future business leaders with the skills and understanding required to lead and maintain a sustainable economy is critical.
  2. Create sectoral transformation roadmaps. The Commission will help create sectoral transformation roadmaps. In each case, Commission member(s) from within that sector will take the lead on assembling a group of peer CEOs and other key stakeholders in a coalition. We will support those coalitions in creating a vision of what their sector or industry system should look like by 2030 if the Global Goals are treated as a strategic framework for better growth, and what actions and changes sector players can take to get there quickly and fairly.
  3. Create Global Goal league tables. The Commission will work with the financial sector to create publicly available league tables that rank corporate performance sector by sector against relevant Global Goals and establish sector sustainability benchmarks. Our vision is to turn the analysis of sustainability reporting data into an open resource, empowering citizens and civil society to use it.
  4. Support measures to unlock additional finance needed to achieve the Global Goals. The Commission will do this by advocating for new and different kinds of public sector engagement in infrastructure where it is needed; an expansion in the capital base of multilateral development banks and development finance institutions; and the creation of a global, liquid asset class for infrastructure investments.
  5. Explore the idea of an independently compiled Responsible Political Engagement Index. To guide companies, this would set out the principles of transparent and fair political engagement. Companies would disclose their performance against these criteria and an independent body.

If you would like to participate in one of these initiatives, or have ideas for expanding our activities, please contact us by e-mailing